Monday, June 28, 2010

Breakfast - FOCUS on it!!

Follow the trends - breakfast going up - lunch FLAT - dinner DECREASING.

Greatest potential for gain is breakfast. Back to basics!!

Great article here.

Make Toast - MAKE PROFITS.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Allergy ALERT!

Very nice article.

Our stance is, and until can be reliably proven otherwise: "If you're allergic to it, IT'S IN THERE!"

I like to call it the Prego(tm) response.

I can provide YOU with the information about the products YOU purchase. Unfortunately, in our facility, and in our delivery trucks, are the products (over 700 different) that other customers purchase.

Restaurants also don’t often realize that allergy contamination can’t be easily undone. Removing the slice of cheese from a Big Mac, for example, would not make it safe to eat for someone with a dairy allergy.

“It’s molecules that can kill,” says acclaimed chef and restaurateur Ming Tsai...

from the above linked article.

This is why our stance HAS TO BE PREGO!