Monday, May 9, 2011

Facebook - You need a Socail Media Host/ess

Fill in the Facebook page information. Be sure to list your open hours, add a link to your website and add a description of what you do.

  1. Add your logo and photos of your restaurant and food.
  2. Invite people to “like” your page. Ask your friends, family and staff to help you spread the likes. When you get to 25 likes, you can snag a name for your page such as Be sure to add links to it on your website.
  3. Use the page! If you create a Facebook page, add it to your online marketing process. Add links to your blog posts, daily specials, fun events, pictures, etc. Be active!

Be social! If all goes well, people will interact with your page. If someone asks a question about a special or an event, answer them! It’s not called anti-social media.